Our Mission & Philosophy

SIBU SURA is passionate about people, our planet, and how to make the world a better place. Being socially conscious and environmentally cognizant is paramount to us as a business and as individuals. We engage in organic and fair trade practices, promote sustainability and environmentally friendly endeavors.

We honor the value of chocolate as it has been woven throughout the history of cultures and countries. Exploration, colonialism, commerce, politics…each in turn contributes to the experience of chocolate, along the chocolate history journey. In traveling with us on this journey, you will find new projects and relationships that SIBU SURA is working on with the common good of our planet in mind. Along the journey, our goal is to inform chocolate lovers how chocolate is Good for the Body. Good for the Soul. Good for the Planet.® Our primary goal is to make a make a difference in the world while allowing you to experience pure chocolate bliss!