Our Name

Where Chocolate Begins

The name SIBU SURA comes from a creation myth of the northern Andes that speaks of the crucial role played by cacao in restoring the balance of nature and the origins of life:

Sibu, a powerful deity able to create all forms of life from seeds, shares his power with Sura. Jabaru, a trickster, steals the seeds and kills Sura, burying him where the seeds have been kept safe. Two trees sprout from Sura’s body: One tall Calabash Tree, bearing pale green flowers with deep purple veins the color of Sura’s blood. The other tree bears purple-yellow pod clusters: The first Cacao Tree. Sibu knowingly asks Jabaru to brew a beverage from the cacao beans taken from the tree. Jabaru returns with the most aromatic beverage ever created. When offered a drink, Sibu insists Jabaru indulge first, which he does without hesitation. However, the cacao that is born from Sura’s body causes Jabaru’s belly to swell until it bursts, spilling the stolen seeds to the ground. From them Sibu restores his friend Sura to life and safely returns the seeds of creation, so that today, all Beings enjoy Earth’s Bounty, and safely enjoy chocolate thanks to that first Cacao Tree.