Our Factory & Our Process

Our Process – From Bean to You ®

Our Factory

Our cacao beans are shipped to our factory in Maryland and immediately placed in our custom built temperature and humidity controlled bean storage unit. We then gently and slowly roast our beans to perfection, winnow and crack our beans in our state of the art winnower, refine our chocolate over a course of several days, perfectly temper, and then creatively mold our chocolates.


Our hand selected cacao beans are gently roasted at the perfect temperature just enough for the incredible chocolate flavors, colors, and aroma to be released. This process is one of the major influences as to how our chocolate tastes.


After careful roasting, we place our beans in the winnower where the nibs are separated from the husks via a vacuuming effect. The nibs that come out of the husks consist of the actual cocoa solids and cocoa butter. We then carefully store our roasted nibs in special airtight containers until they are ready to be used for the conching/refining process.


Our roasted nibs are carefully poured into our Old World style refiner. Other natural ingredients are added and refined for days until our chocolate has arrived at the proper consistency, viscosity, and texture and has become liquid chocolate.


After the conching/refining process, we transfer our liquid chocolate to our tempering units where our chocolate is properly tempered. The chocolate is tempered in machines that cool the chocolate to exact temperatures in order to produce chocolate that is shiny and snap.


After our chocolate is properly tempered, we gently pour our chocolate into our molds. If we are making our Funky Bars®, we add any special ingredients to the chocolate as well. Before we send our chocolate creations off to be wrapped, the chocolate is cooled in one of our custom made cooling units.


After molding and cooling our chocolate, we gingerly hand wrap each bar or confection, place in its designated packaging box, and carefully ship to you for your enjoyment!


We recycle our cocoa bean mulch (discarded shells of the cocoa bean). Cocoa beans grown on trees, and after harvest and processing, are shelled, with the beans processed further to make all sorts of chocolate products. The mulch is bagged and donated out to various home garden and business landscaping projects.